Alright, that’s it. The “firm pencils down” date has come and gone last Friday. As a result, my two major pull requests, the per-key priorities for Scrapy’s dictionary-like settings and the add-on framework, are ready to undergo full review, and hopefully ready to be merged after a few small fixups if needed.

In my proposal, I had set a command line interface to managing add-ons as stretch goal. However, during the course of the Summer of Code, the implementation and usage of the add-on framework has shifted a little from “very user-friendly” to “very correct and unambigous”, and most of the features I had originally intended for the CLI do not make much sense anymore. Julia, my mentor at Scrapy, and I had therefore decided to set a different stretch goal: Allowing spiders to implement the add-on interface as well. Currently, spiders can already implement a update_settings() (class) method, and it only makes sense that they should be able to implement the other add-on callbacks as well. I’m happy to report that, although there are still a few design decisions that need to be made, there is a working implementation in a new PR!

So, this blog post and the evaluation form I’ll fill out afterwards mark the end of my Summer of Code. BUT, not it all do they mark the end of my involvement with Scrapy and the Open Source community! :) The past three months were a blast for me; I learned a lot just from Scrapy’s very well-maintained codebase, and even more from implementing the add-on framework. On top of that, I got to do it in a very welcoming atmosphere!

So if you are contemplating to apply for Summer of Code, or to get into open source development: Do it, do it, do it! :)